Forex cruncher myfxbook. Try upload your MT4 account into MyFxBook and it would "crunch" out the statistics (in a few seconds) for you based on your past trades. And you can see for yourself how your strategies perform and whether it "coincide" with your observations. Whether it's a market "trick" or not, the information definitely did.

Forex cruncher myfxbook

Is MyFXBOOK A Scam? MyFXBOOK Review - Forex Thursday's Episode 1

Forex cruncher myfxbook. Member Since Jul 20, 49 posts Entourage (Showdown) Oct 15 at So, what did I learn? This can only be done on a 1hr chart. red. I just experienced an epic fail on the 15min. Now, time to crunch New numbers according to the 1hr now. Will begin trading again in less than a week. My initial deposit is still.

Forex cruncher myfxbook

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