In ms excel comments put in cells are called. 1) You can convert existing Ms Excel Worksheet data and chart to on HTML document by using the.. A. FTP Wizard B. Internet D. None of the above. 5) Comments put in cells are called.. A. Smart tip. B. Cell tip. C. Web tip. D. Soft tip. 6) You can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to.. A. Split a worksheet into two.

In ms excel comments put in cells are called

How to Create Cells Within Cells in MS Excel : MS Excel Tips

In ms excel comments put in cells are called. Comments put in cells are called .. A. Smart Tip B. Cell Tip C. Web Tip D. Soft Tip. Comments can be added to cells using .. A. Edit -> Comments B. Insert -> Comment C. File -> Comments D. View > Comments. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two? A. Format -> Window B. View.

In ms excel comments put in cells are called

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