Buy shot put shoes. Shot Put & Discus Drills: The CoachTheThrows Guide by Dave Hahn. $ 87 pages. Publisher: CoachTheThrows; 2 edition (June 18, ). Coach Dave Hahn covers 20 popular drills for shot put and discus throwers. Still images highlight the key aspects of each drill, and online video access is provided for reference.

Buy shot put shoes

Nike Discus Shoes

Buy shot put shoes. NEW NIKE ZOOM ROTATIONAL DISCUS SHOES MEN (9) New without box pair of NIKE Zoom Rational 5 shot-put and discus throwing shoes No refunds or exchanges on this shoe (please ask questions prior to purchase) scratches on bottom. Bought them like that. Sold as is. Nike Zoom Rotational 5 Shot/ Put Discus.

Buy shot put shoes

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