How to get forex news faster. Apr 8, - I think that every website is at least 10 to 15 minutes behind the pip strikes that happen. I thought i saw somewhere, where you could get on the spot news as fast as the pros do? Maybe we are not able to as retail forex people. I don't know I just hate getting nailed on small pip spikes based on something.

How to get forex news faster

There's only one way to trade Forex news, and that's the simple truth of the matter

How to get forex news faster. So, which site would offer real time news on forex? I can`t find any decent one. Thanks. For scheduled news events, CNBC tv or's Latest News section are pretty fast. Fastest would be if you bought a Bloomberg terminal. For something unscheduled, you're just at the mercy of how long it.

How to get forex news faster

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