What does put a shoe on your head mean. Oct 27, - They were responding to comments on their webcam, and one suggestion from a flood of new commenters remarked, “put a shoe on your head.” I thought this was pretty funny (and I Turns out, it's actually a popular thing to suggest, just to see if the person would do it. It doesn't necessarily imply (while.

What does put a shoe on your head mean

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

What does put a shoe on your head mean. Mar 23, - Some find it difficult to understand why everyone wants to see them put shit on their heads instead of flash their nasty 3rd world tits, but they eventually realize that it's pretty tame compared to some of the other shit they do. Some of the native engrish speakers misunderstood put shoe on head, creating more.

What does put a shoe on your head mean

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