Forex daily range 2011. Sep 14, - Before we get to an actual strategy for trading range, lets establish a couple of points: 1. You can't predict the future, and likely never will be able to. It's ok though, because neither can myself or any other trader in the world, and we still manage to get the results that keep us coming back to our charts day.

Forex daily range 2011

Forex Trading Systems August 11, 2011 MUST WATCH

Forex daily range 2011. Forex average daily range FX: Average Daily Trading Range and Some July Charts. July 04,, AM EDT By Kathy Lien, Director of Currency Research, GFT, FX loading. Shutterstock photo. The dog days of summer are here but as we saw last year, July is not always a quiet month in the foreign exchange market. In July.

Forex daily range 2011

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