Esignal forex data feed. Oct 12, - eSignal Support. Hi infobull, The GTIS plots both bid and ask prices - not just the bid prices. Don't quite know how why they don't just plot bid or ask or last trraded price. I have also raised questions about the GTIS feed on other threads. esignal have recently purchased the SP Comstock spot forex datafeed.

Esignal forex data feed

Is ESignal a decent market data provider

Esignal forex data feed. Sep 23, - Hello Admin. I have a question regarding Esignal forex GTIS feed when using the tick volume indicator. As we all know, on the current version, there is a limit to the maximum height of any volume bar that will show up for any bar. I heard that witht the new NT7, that limitation will be removed so that when I  Connecting eSignal to NT with FX Market Depth data feed.

Esignal forex data feed

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