Forex rates syndicate bank. The Indian Rupee is the official currency of India. Get upto 25 paisa extra on your remittance to any Axis Bank Account*; Transfer money to banks in India; 0 Processing Fee Fixed exchange rates; Conveniently schedule your payments with recurring payment facility for ACH Transfers; Get an exciting gift on your first.

Forex rates syndicate bank

What Is A Foreign Exchange Transaction?

Forex rates syndicate bank. Scheme, Currency, Our existing rate (p.a.), Proposed rate (p.a.). 1, RFC (SB), USD ($), , - nil -. GBP, , - nil -. EUR, - nil -, - nil -. CAD, - nil -, - nil -. AUD, , - nil -. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. Useful LinksCareerFeedbackDisclaimerCustomer CareRajbhasha. Syndicate Bank.

Forex rates syndicate bank

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