Forex trend magic ea. Feb 12, - Trend Magic. i have an indicator which will show you trend which will act as your friend, this is mt4 indicator, use it on its colour from red to blue or blue to red, wait for close of candle then enter your trade. It never repaints, just wait to close the candle. Instaforex Malaysia.

Forex trend magic ea

Trend Magic RoboCop

Forex trend magic ea. I want to create a very simple EA,based on just trendmagic indicator i m sorry my post still pending admin approval but u guys can google "trend magic" keyword.. there is a whole thread in forexfactory about this indicator..i m sorry I still cant post the link.. shaun_ru_th. shaun_ru_th   Looking for simple EA you may have it?! - Market.

Forex trend magic ea

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