Dotnetfx35 exe command line options. Sep 19, - I have it in there like this:start /wait dotnetfxexe /q /norestartand tho In another topic on this forum I found this line: In my installation I uncompessed dotnetfxexe with winrar and I ran, which is inside the compessed file, with /qn /norestart command lines, but I use runonceex.

Dotnetfx35 exe command line options

C# - How to Manually Install/Uninstall Windows Services - Part 2/3

Dotnetfx35 exe command line options. o Locate the file “dotnetfxexe” on SYSmark may also be installed through the command line. The following is a list of configuration options with Can't to Windows using DISM - Super The same command line that works fine on Windows 8 PCs doesn't work on Windows PCs.

Dotnetfx35 exe command line options

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