Instaforex prepaid debit mastercard. Nov 29, - Instaforex is pleased to offer a prepaid bank card, Instaforex Benecard. The debit Instaforex Benecard is connected directly to an European bank account, providing you with a complete control of your funds and easy deposit The withdrawals can be made from any ATM machines accepting MasterCard.

Instaforex prepaid debit mastercard

ActivTrades Prepaid Mastercard

Instaforex prepaid debit mastercard. XM Cards are prepaid cards that can be used all over the world to withdraw funds and trading profits from your MT4 trading account. There are 3 types available: XM USD MasterCard, XM EUR MasterCard, and XM USD Shanghai (China UnionPay). The XM USD MasterCard and XM EUR MasterCard can be used wherever.

Instaforex prepaid debit mastercard

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