Optimal exercise of american call option. optimal to exercise a non-dividend paying. American call option early. Finally, since we would never use the option to exercise when there are no dividends, the price of an American call option is the same as the price of a European Call option. 2. American Put Option without Dividends a. Using the same method as in the.

Optimal exercise of american call option

American vs. European Style Options

Optimal exercise of american call option. May 13, - If you think the stock is going to continue going up, just wait. If you think the stock has reached its peak, then short it in the open market. If the shorted stock continues to climb, you can always cover with your call option. If however the stock falls below your strike price, then let the option expire and cover at  Would a cash-settled American Option ever be optimal to early.

Optimal exercise of american call option

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