Relative to european puts otherwise identical american put options. 4. Since deltas change as stock values change, portfolio hedge ratios must be constantly updated in active markets. This process is referred to as. A) portfolio insurance. B) rebalancing. C) option elasticity. D) gamma hedging. E) dynamic hedging. 5. Relative to European puts, otherwise identical American put options.

Relative to european puts otherwise identical american put options

American call options

Relative to european puts otherwise identical american put options. Jun 25, - Relative to European puts, otherwise identical American put options A) are less valuable. B) are more valuable. C) are equal in value. D) will always be exercised earlier. E) none of the above. Answer: B Difficulty: Moderate Rationale: It is valuable to exercise a put option early if the stock drops below a.

Relative to european puts otherwise identical american put options

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