What does it mean to put you out. (c) put (d) done. English Language Tests, Intermediate level. ESL/EFL Test # "English Slang Idioms ()", answer 8 "I don't think I want to get together with Vince 'Put off' in the sentence suggests that you don't like something as in: I really don't like that food as I am always put off by the smell it makes.

What does it mean to put you out

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What does it mean to put you out. To extinguish: put out a fire. 2. Nautical To leave, as a port or harbor; depart. 3. To expel: put out a drunk from the bar. 4. To publish: put out a weekly newsletter. 5. a. To inconvenience: Did our early arrival put you out? b. To offend or irritate: I was put out by his attention to the television set. 6. To make an effort: We've really.

What does it mean to put you out

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