What happens to put options in a merger. May 14, - When a public company with options trading on it is taken over, the options will be treated in the same way as the common shares. For example: if it's a cash merger for $53 per share, every call up to the $50 strike prices will be paid the intrinsic value (iE., 50 call - $3). If It's a stock merger your options will be altered - they  9 Answers - What happens to your stock when that.

What happens to put options in a merger

3. Trading Put Options

What happens to put options in a merger. Dec 4, - How do I set a strike price for an option? Learn about the strike price of an option and how to set a strike price for call and put options depending on risk tolerance. Find out what in the money means about the moneyness of call or put options and what it indicates about the relationship Read Answer >>.

What happens to put options in a merger

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