Writing names on a paper putting in the freezer. Jun 30, - The main character observes that her freezer is probably chock full of nothing but people who've done somebody wrong at some point. He beats his wife? Into the to hurt me anymore. So, if I write down his name and his abusive behavior on a piece of paper and freeze it–will it stop his negative behavior?

Writing names on a paper putting in the freezer

How To Make A Hoodoo Petition Paper

Writing names on a paper putting in the freezer. Aug 13, - Sometimes, you need to freeze someone in their tracks when they're attacking you, and nothing works better than a classic Freezer spell. These spells The best choice is a photograph of the person, but failing that, you can simply write their name on a card or draw an image of their likeness. Ideally, a.

Writing names on a paper putting in the freezer

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