Bearish bullish forex. Mar 21, - Banteng adalah pembeli, kebalikannya Bear(beruang) adalah penjual, saat jumlah pembeli lebih banyak dari penjual. dapat pula disimpulkan saat itu disebut Bullish market. dalam istilah forex pasar bullish sering pula disebut dengan UpTrend Market. Dimana currency dasar mengalami kenaikan nilai.

Bearish bullish forex

Bullish vs Bearish Stocks

Bearish bullish forex. Bullish Investors who believe that a stock price will increase over time are said to be bullish. Investors who buy calls are bullish on the underlying stock. That is, they believe that the stock price will rise and have paid for the right to purchase the stock at a specific price known as the exercise price or strike price.

Bearish bullish forex

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