1140e call log options. Feb 21, - I have just recently installed the 3cx system on a W svr and I have the 3cx softphone, xlite softphone and a Nortel E registered to my system. When i call between SP's they both ring and I have speech path, when i call from my E to either SP, i get speech path, but when i call the e from.

1140e call log options

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1140e call log options. E and E. Variances. * (not available). Handsfree. Handsfree/mute or Handsfree button. Press the key to transfer a call from the handset/headset to the .. bar. 3. Press a line button. 4. Lift the handset. Call log - options. FEATURE * Select the type of calls that are stored automatically in your Call Log. Press.

1140e call log options

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